The Whitestone Vision

A deeper purpose.

At our core, we yearn for a sense of purpose and fulfillment, yet navigating towards our authentic identity often feels like a complex maze. Whitestone serves as a beacon for those on a journey to unearth their true selves – a profound exploration beyond the familiar layers of our existence.

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Our vision at Whitestone goes beyond surface-level identities – beyond the titles we strive for, the color of our skin, the texture of our hair, or the economic or political divides we often find ourselves amidst. Our core essence transcends these superficial distinctions of wealth or poverty, age, or ideology, and the narratives we’ve held about who we are or aren’t.

Drawing inspiration from Revelation 2:17

“To the one who overcomes, he will give a white stone with a name written on it that only they know.”

We see this ‘white stone’ as a metaphor for your unique, divine identity, one that surpasses all earthly definitions. It’s our mission to help you uncover and embrace this profound identity.

The ‘White Stone’ – A Symbol of Your Unique, Divine Identity

At Whitestone, we believe in a loving God who knows your true essence and cherishes you deeply. This divine insight into your identity is what we refer to as your ‘white stone.’

Our mission is to guide you towards unveiling this God-authored identity, fostering a whole-hearted relationship with Jesus, and emboldening you to embrace your true self.

Our Hope for you.

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