Meet the Pastors

We are Tauren and Lorna Wells.

Tauren and Lorna Wells
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Meet the Wells’ – Embarking on a Spirit-Led Journey From Houston to Austin

Ushering in a vibrant, life-giving faith community – the Church of WhiteStone – Tauren and Lorna Wells and their spirited squad of four are embracing their calling. As the Lead Pastors, they’re guided by a vision etched in their hearts over a decade ago. They seek to “unveil the God-authored identity within each individual, fostered through a profound relationship with Jesus.” Now, the time has come to bring this vision to life.

In their new abode in Austin, Tauren, Lorna, and their boys, Kanaan, Lawson, Navy, and Banner, are eager to become part of God’s dynamic work within and beyond the city. Their adventure has just begun, and they’re thrilled to journey with you