We pray to live and live to pray.

We believe scripture promises us that God hears and answers the prayers of his people.

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It takes courage to whole-heartedly pursue God’s calling. It takes courage to leave family, current ministry, friends, and essentially everything we’ve known to carve out a work in unknown territory. May God give us courage to commit to the uncomfortable.


It takes God’s divine deposit to sustain a people pursuing His vision. We ask that God go before us and meet our present and future needs to fulfill this calling.


In every kingdom endeavor believers need fans in the stands, strategic partners, and gatekeepers in the city that just want to help us (or who help us even if they don’t want to for that matter). We ask for God’s favor and partnerships with people, gatekeepers, peers, and leaders that will help us advance God’s vision for the city.


There are battles to be fought and victories to be claimed. We claim the victory in battles we have yet to fight but have been won on our behalf. Victory over the spirit of the world and the spirit of religion that has had a long standing presence in the city.


There must be an awareness that begins to take place where people realize that their lack of fulfillment and deep dissatisfaction with life, career, and relationships is directly connected to a hunger for God that is only met by God himself. We ask that the city would begin to hunger and thirst after righteousness that they might be filled with the soul satisfying Spirit of God.


Wherever God’s presence is things flourish. We ask that God’s manifest presence would surround the city. We expect a regular outpouring of God’s spirit in our gatherings that radically transforms lives, families, schools, offices and industrie


He that wins souls is wise. We ask that God would give us wisdom in how we approach people with the Gospel. That we would be led by the Holy Spirit in all decisions, planning, strategies, finances, and relationships.

Orphans & Widows

God cares deeply about the fatherless and the lonely. We ask that even right now they would be blessed and comforted and that we would have the privilege to love and serve them in the city.

Poor & imprisoned

The Gospel is the good news for all people in every facet of society. We ask that we would have the resources to minister to the poor both spiritually and practically. We ask that we would have an open door into the lives of the physically incarcerated that would be spiritually liberated.


The mission of every believer is to make disciples. We ask that we would have the focus and awareness it takes to realize the needs of others and have the passion, discipline, and love to intentionally convert sinners and make disciples for the glory of God


We believe that God does the miraculous in is, for us, and through. We ask to see miracles. Supernatural demonstrations of God’s power both physically and spiritually in the lives of others. We ask that the lame would walk, the blind would see, the deaf would hear, the mute would speak, and the dead would be brought back to life.

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